4. Notification of risks

The document comes into force on July, 20, 2013

OpenTrade Commerce informs its customers about the following risks involved with the work of Taobao agents:

  • failures in the hosting services;
  • no Internet connection or poor connection;
  • changes in work and in politics of Taobao.com  aimed at its customers and agents;
  • problems with the logistician that was selected by customer to work with;
  • changes in the tax laws of the customer’s country and customer relations with regulatory authorities in his country;
  • changes in the legislation of China and of the country of the customer connected with e-commerce;
  • changes in customs regulations connected with the export of goods from China;
  • failures in the postal services;
  • failures or changes in the operation of customer’s payment system(s);
  • failures caused by the invasion from outside to the work of the Platform and the client's site.

OpenTrade Commerce is not related to these services, and strongly recommends customers to be cautious in interacting with them.