Application 3

Annex 3 to the License Contract (ver. of ____________2012)

Report of services rendered (form)

For the calculating period from_____ to _____

To the Contract No__________ of _______, ___, 20___.

____ ________________ 2012.

We, the undersigned, on behalf of “The LICENSOR” in the person of General Director of Opentrade Commerce LLC (Limited Liability company) Viktoria Vitalyevna Logacheva, acting upon Charter, and on behalf of “The LICENSEE” represented by General Director _______________________, acting under the Articles of Association, have drawn up the present Reporting Certificate as follows:

1. The Licensor have rendered, and the Licensee have accepted the following services for the Licensor’s provision of SP quality characteristics in terms of numbers during the Licensee’s use of SP.

No Service name Unit Quantity index
1 System maintenance including access to the payment systems hr. full-time
2 SP troubleshooting Failure/repair time (hr.) 5/6
3 Verbal consultancy of the Licensee hr. 16

2. The Licensor confirms the receipt of the advance payment from the Licensee as the payment for services rendered in the amount of __________USD.

3. The Licensee confirms that the services are rendered in full scope, and their quality is in full compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions.

4. There are no grounds to charge the forfeit.

5. This Report is drawn up in duplicate consisting of __ pages, a copy for either of the Parties.




The LICENSOR                                                         The LICENSEE