Customer Support

Customers contact customer support representatives via Skype-chats.

We prefer to use Skype as most convenient and easiest way of discussing issues. This is to ensure that you get qualified answers from experts in different directions directly. And that all information in one place.

Skype-chats are created when a customer contacts OpenTrade Commerce’s managers for the first time and are intended for providing assistance in OT API Keys purchase and its further support.

Scope of responsibilities: Customer support representatives assist in website installation, admin panel usage, organizational issues, website operation and maintenance. We communicate in the form of text messages. Voice communication is impossible.

Customer Support Schedule

Monday-Friday: 7.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (Moscow standard time). Answer to customer’s request is guaranteed within 1 hour on working days from 7-00 a.m. to 5-00 p.m. (Moscow time). Quick response is possible, but not guaranteed at other time.

Saturday-Sunday: days off. However answer is possible if there is any duty manager online.

It is recommended to ask non-urgent and uncritical questions after weekend.

For severety1 issues a customer should contact technical support solely and exclusively.

Technical support

Technical support for OT API Keys is provided through Customer Support System

One can contact OT developers by submitting written requests (so-called tickets). Please log in to submit service request.

Service Support Schedule

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. — 5 p.m. (Moscow standard time)

Saturday-Sunday: days off.

Critical requests are examined within 1 hour during working hours and within 3 hours the rest of the time.

Expected Response Time

Initially a request shall be considered within one hour 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (Moscow standard time). A prompt answer is possible but cannot be guaranteed at any other time.

Detailed request investigation and problem solution will take up to 5 business days depending on the accuracy of data provided and support technicians’ workload.

Severity 1 issues, namely, site fails to load or errors occur when ordering are considered within one hour 7х24.

Questions duplication

Customer and technical support services are responsible for quick and comprehensive solution of your problems. We’re here to help you so we do our best to minimize your waiting.

Duplicate issues submitted to skype-chats, technical support or forum may increase time needed for resolving your issue.

We carefully review all the requests and engage developers to resolve problems where appropriate.

Customer and technical support services are two different departments of OpenTrade Commerce, thus, duplicate questions submitted to both departments make their specialists resolve the same issue simultaneously. Further coordination takes time so you will have the response later than you expect.

Therefore, when you clone the same noncritical issue in the skype-chat or technical support service without a request from a customer service or technical support representative OpenTrade Commercewill not entertain complaints regarding inadequate response or resolution time in remedy.

Website’s Setting and Customization Issues

Please visit OpenTrade Commerce forum (Co-development section) for all issues concerning custom developments, additional functionality, design changes and other customization options.

We prepared Manuals and Hints how to configure OT API Key and work with it. We will update them with the development of our system.