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Open access to API of popular Chinese marketplaces
OT API Key Price and Tariffs 



Version of OT API Key




Price of API Key (one-time payment)  1 provider at your choice from the list of available trade providers 200 USD 600 USD

800 USD

Connection of additional trade provider (one-time payment for each provider)  The list of available trade providers

ADDITIONAL provider – 500$

Search by photo – 

Service payment for OT API Key support (monthly payment) *

1 USD = 1 000 calls (fix 100 USD if 100 000 calls per month or less) 1 USD = 2 667 calls (fix 100 USD if 266 700 calls per month or less) 1 USD = 2 667 calls (fix 30 USD if 80 010 calls per month or less)
Upgrade of OT API Key (one-time payment)

K1 → K2 400 USD
K1 → K3 600 USD
K2 → K3 200 USD
Calls Limits for OT API Key / 24 hrs

5 000 20 000 no limits
Calls Limits for OT API Key / month

155 000 620 000 no limits
Tech support and consultations on API

*OT API Keys are supported by Service Payments

OT API Keys provide the following: showcase (items, categories, caching) for Taobao/TMall or, auto-translation, administration methods with various settings, several searching methods for Taobao/TMall (i.e. Tmall, Promotions, All goods and so on).

OT API Keys do not include business-logics methods such as ordering system or users database operations. If you want to use our business-logics provided by Otapi, you can order it as an addition. See Additional OPTIONAL Modules and Services (extra charge) for details.

Service payment is calculated on the basis of calls and paid in US dollars for the the last day of month.

Payment is made in US dollars at the exchange rate set at the date of payment by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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Discount for service payment! 

We provide discount for service payment. You can get it you buy OT API Key within 7 days after first request to us.

Discount assumes that service payment calculation starts in a month after OT API Key purchase instead of right after purchase. 


Calls limits for period without service payments.


Version of OT API Key

К1 *



Calls Limits /24 hrs 5 000 20 000 100 000
Calls Limits / month 155 000 620 000 3 100 000

Connection to Goods Provider

Service Description Price, USD / one-time

Additional trade aggregator / provider — connection of additional trade provider to default one (for example, you have Taobao/TMall and want to enable 1688).

List of available trade providers

ADDITIONAL provider – 500$

Search by photo – 

Change of trade aggregator / provider on working site (with disabling of connected aggregator). 250 USD
Transfer of trade aggregator / provider  from one site to another (if you have several websites). 30 USD


Additional OPTIONAL Modules and Services (extra charge)

Below listed modules are not included in any of versions of OT API Keys. They are enabled for an additional fee.

Module Price, USD  / one-time

Geolocation Module determines your customer location and automatically selects currency of the storefront, country of delivery, and site language suitable for his region!

This module is useful when expanding your business and working in several countries at once. It is enough to configure language, currency and default delivery (this option is available for all versions of OT Box).

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50 USD
Customers reviews

Customers reviews is a powerful tool for motivating purchase on your website!

Now all reviews of products left on OT Box or OT API Keys owners websites is combined into one common database and displayed on all sites of OT Box owners. Therefore, instead of 10-20 reviews, you will immediately have in total more than 1000 reviews for goods that have been bought and checked by buyers.

Note! Business logic is required if you wish to allow to write reviews

Business logic is not necessary if you only need to allow reading reviews without adding them

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150 USD
Search by photo

“Search by photo” module was developed to help your customers quickly find the thing they need among millions of Chinese goods.

It allows to search for goods by their photos and images. It is enough to load necessary image into search bar and it will show results.

Module solves two main problems of your customers at once:

  • find necessary thing on a website,
  • make it quickly and efficiently.

Module is available for the following commodity aggregators:

  • Taobao/TMall
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • eBay

Note! For each commodity aggregator module is purchased separately.

Note!! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

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170 USD (for each provider)

Module allows  to create categories in the catalog and fill them with selected products with edited name and description. You can compile collections of specialized, thematic and seasonal offers.

The auto-selection feature allows to add goods from verified sellers’ to catalog.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

Module description

220 USD
Export to external resorces 

Module allows to export products from your online store to external resources.
At the moment, goods can be exported to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Selector module is required. Collections of goods are created in Selector module, which will then be exported to some external resource (for example, to a social network).

Module description

65 USD
Business logic

Access to API methods for ordering system and users database operations. Business logic opens methods required for users registration, shopping basket, order management and payments.

Note! Can be connected only for K3 Key.

150 USD
Multi Language

Multilanguage Module allows to add and show several languages on website, so that users could choose among them.

Language version should be prepared by website owner.

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50 USD for K1 and K2

For free for К3


Metrologist Module is used to specify approximate weight of goods category if real weight is not indicated by seller.

Approximate weight is set by website owner in admin panel of website.

Approximate weight will be shown in product’s page and taken into account in shipping cost calculation.

220 USD

Main goal of this module is to automate goods booking and simplify purchase process.

Allows to reserve goods on for further purchase right from website admin panel.

Module is available for the following commodity aggregators:


Note! For each commodity aggregator Autopurchase module is purchased separately.

Note!! Module is connected to K3 version only. Business Logic Module is provided for free for K3 version + Autopurchase.

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250 USD (for each provider)
Creating catalog

Creating a catalog (a selection of certain categories) for your specialization.

Example: children’s goods store, furniture store, auto accessories, etc.

Upon request

Activate/unfreeze OT API Key

You can freeze OT API Key if you need to stop using it for some reason.

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30 USD


Module Price, USD  / month
White Label

Remove link/logo (White Label) from website using OT API Key

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100 USD