Automatic booking of goods on Taobao and 1688

Autopurchase module helps to process orders (automatic performance) on trade provider (Taobao, 1688, etc.). That is client makes order at your site – goods auto booked at taobao – you need to login to your taobao account to make payment for all the goods that have been booked and then deliver them to clients

There are 3 types of ordering systems involved in the process:
  1. Your ordering system (ОТ API customer).
  2. OT Platform ordering system.
  3. Trader provider ordering system (Taobao).
The whole process can be outlined in the following scheme (using processes numeration mentioned above):
  • 1 → 2 — Add orders into OT Platform system
  • 2 ↔ 3 — Autopurchase operation (orders export; statuses synchronization (goods and order), delivery tracking codes, etc.
  • 2 → 1 — Operation with orders after Autopurchase processing

It is required to add orders from your system to OT Platform ordering system via API since Autopurchase module works only with orders in OT Platform ordering system. Further Autopurchase process is available when orders are added.


Autopurchase module requires registration on trade provider website and does not replace communication with vendors (available products coordination, shipping questions, defects, etc.). It is required to discuss personally all terms and conditions of cooperation with vendor who added goods to trade provider website (if necessary).