What's API?


What's OT API Key?

OT API Key - is a line of symbols sent to the instanceKey parameter of all OT API methods. It is a set of special methods.

It allows to get products, their descriptions, information on sellers and search on products and import to another website. This set of methods can transfer to your site:

  • Catalog (such as Taobao).
  • Information about products (name, color, weight, price, description, etc.).
  • Search for products on your site.

What do you need to work with OT API Key?

  1. CMS (website) where you were planing to integrate OT API Key or hosting + domain

  2. OT API Key
  3. Develop module for coordination of third-party applications and OT API. OT API Key should be added into this module, so that information on goods was available on your website.

We don't have modules for different CMS except those provided by Partners, therefore you will need to develop module/make integration yourself or hire a developer.

Can I integrate OT API myself?

You can use our Documentation and make integration yourself if you have enough knowledge how to develop module to process API. In this case programmer will simply save your own time and speed up your website start.

In another case you'd better hire a professional developer (programmer) to do it for you. He will save your time and offer you the best solution.

You can evaluate your knowledge by Questions for developers and Documentation . You don't need a developer if information there is clear for you.

You can look for a freelancer or Contact us for partner's info.

OT API Key is provided after payment.


Use documentation to get the information on existing OTAPI methods, their purpose and usage.

Additional settings instructions.

You are free to call and test any methods, trying their parameters and checking their results.

If you know SOAP, you just need to connect to any standard SOAP client at http://docs.otapi.net and use OTAPI methods.

If you are unfamiliar with SOAP, you can use simple HTTP GET/POST requests. For examples you may open any OTAPI method on the site, a form with fields for the parameters will appear. Use this form to see, what address and what parameters you should use to perform the http-request.

Here are simple examples of using OT API



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