Use OT API Key to add goods from popular marketplaces to your website

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So many marketplaces you may work with. So many CMS you can build your e-shop on. Now you have OpenTrade Commerce API Key to connect your site with desired marketplace.

Available trade providers


Why to use OT API Key?

It provides showcase and goods search to your site.
Taobao/Tmall,, Dropwow and/or

It’s easy to get, fast to integrate and simple to work with.
Try to get Taobao api key. Succeeded? Oh it’ll be limited even if you succeeded. Now try to connect it to your site. Still want to deal with it? Don’t waste time — OT Key will let you to run your e-shop easy and fast.

It defends your e-shop from changes in marketplace’s api. Your site’s work becomes more stable and correct.
Did you know that Taobao api has been changed for about 10 times in the current year? Our clients didn’t notice that. We monitor all the changes and make necessary fixes to let e-shops work stable.

It makes goods search on your site better than on desired marketplace.
How about a bet? Try to find a “fix bike” on Now do on We’ll give 5% discount if you don't see any difference.

It can be used in your own CMS (website).
Website interface remains. We support it and provide free updates.

Type of recommended OT API Key depends on estimated number of API calls from your site

Use Key 1
If the estimated API calls number
will be up to 372,000 per month

Use Key 2
If the estimated API calls number
will be up to 620,000 per month

Use Key 3
To have no limitations at all

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More than 300 e-shops worldwide use OT API Key


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